About the Designer

Hello, my name is Diko Pekdemir – Lewis and welcome to Anton & Maxine. 

What started as a hobby quickly turned into passion thanks to my family and upbringing. Born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany, with a singer/poet Mother and tailor Father, my parent’s creativity shaped my entire outlook on the world. Both enjoyed and loved their craft and shared these passions with me.  

This passion grew as I did, from designing and crafting dresses for my dolls to leading a career in fashion design. A 3-year study program and apprenticeship degree in bespoke tailoring, followed with a Bachelor in Fashion Arts at Modeschule Schloss Eller, in Duesseldorf built the fundamentals for my professional future. 

After working for several fashion companies and developing my experience in design, we launched our first accessories label. DPL Fashiondesign started in 2009 while I worked on the side as a freelance designer and instructor. 

Showing promise with our first label, we launched our next and current brand, Anton & Maxine, in 2016. The label is named after my two daughters Antoinette and Maxine. 

Our mission here at Anton & Maxine is to offer premium, handmade garments that last. We want to create something our customers can truly connect with, a feeling of support, community, and family.  All our pieces are handcrafted, prepared, and created right in the heart of South Carolina. Our joy starts the moment you walk in and continues through the smile on your face as you walk out with the perfect piece for you. 

With each collection my goal is to empower women through comfort and style, function and beauty. Each of our designs are inspired by a mix of European and Asian styles, combined with the American feel. It is our desire that Anton & Maxine clothing will always make you feel comfortable, beautiful, elegant, and most importantly… happy. 

We look forward to working with you soon,